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Enclosed colloid mill

CN.HAOSTARS enclosed Colloid Mill - Vertical (Siamese) Toys [overall stainless steel] Type Features
Our exclusive made in China Patent No. ZL0430108437.4 / ZL0430108634.6 and many other patented products, closed Colloid Mill (also known as grinding machine, colloid mill) fully enclosed hopper (container) structure is more suitable for flavor, methanol, ethanol, emulsifying capsule suspension, catalysts, pharmaceutical preparations and other volatile flammable or explosive materials in explosion-proof wet material volatilization process in isolation clean state (environment) under.
Enclosed Colloid Mill Series has a utility model, shape and design to create six patents, counterfeiting, its appearance and unique design, overall health, environmental protection and energy saving.
Implementation of national standards GB / T 14466 and Hao-business standards Q / WHX02-2011, a domestic initiative.
Hao Star Vertical enclosed Colloid Mill colloidmill-jiaotimo with vertical motor, motor-piece body and coaxial structure is also known as Siamese colloid mill, and take the whole closed loop configuration.
 Machine with the fluid wetted materials used SUS304; SUS304L; SUS316L other high-quality steel.
Vertical enclosed Colloid Mill -colloidmill-jiaotimo grinding (movement disc) made of stainless steel or alloy steel grinding abrasion resistance, hardness, wear-resistant plate HL800.
Provided rafts retaining plate, simple to use, easy installation and maintenance, small size and other characteristics.
The wet ultrafine particles grinding, crushing, emulsifying, mixing, dispersing, homogenizing, stirring and efficient functions.
Applicable to all types of liquid-like medium materials, large handling viscous density should be less than 10,000 centipoise medium; medium and small handling viscous density should be less than 300-3000 cps media.
May replace and surpass the stone mill, sand mill, ball mill, homogenizer, emulsifying machine, three-roll machine, broken machines and so on.
It can be customized according to customer special requirements on the nature of the processing of materials of different acidity, alkalinity, stiffness and other properties.

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