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Zhejiang Haostar Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. CN.HAOSTAR® has 30 years of experience in cutting, pulverizing, stirring, depolymerizing, dispersing, mistar, emulsifying, homogenizing, peeling, crushing, grinding and other high-end machinery for fluid material particles. The equipment researches and develops, designs and manufactures high-tech SMEs, and builds the leading brand in China's colloid mill pump industry. In order to adapt to the new trend of wisdom, it will help to gather talents, enhance independent innovation capability, develop new industries, strengthen first-hand trials, effectively exert reform and innovation, and move to the national independent innovation demonstration zone in the high-end equipment manufacturing industry cluster in southern Zhejiang-Wenzhou The company was established in the Binhai Park of the Economic and Technological Development Zone. The park faces the East China Sea, shoulders Luoshan, neighboring university towns, Sancha wetlands, places of interest and historical sites, dotted with beautiful scenery. It is located at the sea, land and air transportation hub: Longwan International Airport, Wanneng Wharf, and the railway station. High-speed double-line export, Jingkai Logistics Park, convenient transportation. The company is committed to design, development, manufacturing, processing: colloid mill, grinding machine, mixer, homogenizer, grinding pump, imported equipment, non-standard supporting machinery maintenance and development. Dedicated to Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Tianjin, Shandong, Henan, Guangdong, Inner Mongolia, Hunan, Xinjiang, Hebei, Beijing and other provinces and cities and Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao Special Administrative Office, and exported to Germany, France, Singapore, Vietnam, Pakistan India, Thailand, Italy, the United States and other countries provide services to users in more than 140 countries and regions around the world.

The company is a member of China Invention Association, China Quality Supervision and Inspection Association, China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association, Wenzhou Electromechanical Technology Association, Food and Pharmaceutical Machinery Industry Association, China Food and Pharmaceutical Machinery Production Base, etc. Products CE, ISO9001 certification, implementation Q/ WHX0 and other enterprise standards, national standard JB and international standards, since 2000, more than 40 patent certificates, titanium white fine continuous grinding machine won the scientific and technological achievements of Zhejiang Province, graphene liquid fine processor design system, silica modification Pulp design system, development zone scientific and technological achievements reward, and won the "good faith unit" of China's food packaging and machinery industry, national quality inspection and stable qualified products, Wenzhou electromechanical industry "scientific and technological innovation enterprise", "star entrepreneur", China quality inspection Advanced units and advanced individual members of the Association, Wenzhou Electromechanical Technology Industry Experts, Member of Mechanical and Electrical Engineers Committee, Wenzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone Science and Technology Innovation Enterprise, Wenzhou Innovation Technology Enterprise, Zhejiang Science and Technology Achievement Award, Zhejiang Industrial New Product, Zhejiang Province Honorary titles such as technology-based SMEs.


For 30 years, our company has long been engaged in high-efficiency wet grinding technology and intelligent manufacturing machinery and equipment industry with high shear dispersion, emulsification, homogenization, mistar and mistar systems. All equipments are tailor-made for customers, including laboratories. Industrial production and complete sets of equipment, patents and technology projects with many equipment processes. With strong resource integration and application capabilities, strong R&D capabilities, extensive global marketing network, strong financial strength and project financing capabilities, it has formed a complete industrial chain covering design, R&D, manufacturing and international trade. Industrial value and market competitive advantage. The company is committed to the design, development, manufacture, processing and sales of food machinery equipment, chemical machinery equipment, pharmaceutical machinery and equipment: vertical colloid mill, pipeline colloid mill, reflux colloid mill, closed colloid mill, split colloid mill, lying Colloid mill, low temperature colloid mill, high temperature grinder, titanium white grinding pump, white carbon black beating pump, shear colloid homogenizer, high shear mistar homogenizing pump, dispersing grinding pump, crushing pump, wear resistant corrosion resistant grinding pump , high-speed beating pump, white wine smasher, graphene grinder, high-shear grinder, multi-functional homogenizing grinder, emulsifier, disperser, gouache mixer, beater, pipe mill, emulsified homogenizing pump, colloid Pump, high shear disperser, high efficiency emulsified mistar pump, screw pump, pneumatic slurry pump, mistar pump, high shear dispersing emulsification pump, automatic tank washer, water treatment equipment, concentration equipment, filtration equipment, sandwich pot, cold Hot cylinders, reactors, fermenters, storage tanks, batching tanks, valve fittings and electromechanical products, product service areas covering industrial, agricultural, transportation, energy, construction, light industry, automobiles, ships Important national economic industries and emerging technology applications such as key laboratories of ships, mines, metallurgy, aerospace and university research institutes.


CN.HAOSTAR® technical department personnel make full use of the innovative advantages of all aspects of proprietary property rights and patent science and technology. The pipeline-type multi-functional grinding machine has obtained the project of scientific and technological development project. The titanium-white micro-continuous grinding machine has obtained the scientific and technological achievements of the Science and Technology Department of Zhejiang Province. The grade grinding pump and the intelligent low-temperature colloid mill fill the blanks at home and abroad. The high-tech project has been mass-produced by our company's research and conversion industry. Intelligent new products such as: intelligent low-temperature colloid grinding equipment, automatic gouache mixed emulsion grinding coating complete equipment, high efficiency Liquid-liquid mistar complete engineering equipment, graphene nano-cone mill, pipeline colloid mill, titanium white carbon black grinder, colloid homogenizer, nano-scale grinding pump, high-efficiency mixer, grinding type crushing pump, dispersion grinding machine, New products such as distiller's grains clean energy pulverizing unit, high carbon alcohol & silicone emulsion product equipment, group body defoamer equipment group, cross-linked silicone grease equipment group. As we all know, in the past, in order to meet the needs of industrial development more quickly, China has purchased a large number of foreign advanced new or second-hand imported equipment. However, since September 2008, the US “subprime mortgage crisis” has actually evolved into a global “crisis”. This crisis has become a very important event in the past 10 years and has a profound impact on the global economy. To this day, the global economy is paying for this crisis. In recent years, the manufacturing industry is shrinking, and the production and processing costs have risen sharply. In particular, the prices of some imported equipment spare parts are beyond the scope of the enterprise, and the import of spare parts for imported equipment is complicated and long-term, and imported equipment is used. Many of the components have been exhausted and aging, and imported equipment will inevitably lead to failures of leakage and leakage, and the replacement cycle of imported spare parts will be invisible or unsuccessful. In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and reduce the maintenance cost, a good method is to achieve localization transformation of imported equipment.


Application case: Intelligent low-temperature colloid mill combination equipment JM-FBF140-2Z application Taiwan's plant-based plant original ecological grinding and pulverizing preparation project; JM-W300AC55KW nano-cone mill-graphene grinding machine is applied to Guizhou Dingsheng Ethene High-Tech Co., Ltd. The first domestic production line of 100 tons of graphene, using physical stripping method, retains the characteristics of graphene nanomaterials to a large extent; JM-W200AB-F pump-type pipeline high temperature resistant 210Co multi-function grinder is used in Jiastar Northernization Year 6,000 tons of new anti-aging agent SPPD, multi-functional flow agent LT-13, cross-linking agent, zinc-free active agent, etc., grinding and dispersing fine treatment, Jinshan chemical modulus enhancer HMZ, homogenizer A78 and other rubber additives; Corrosion-resistant special steel refined JM-W250AD37 application OSC Siam Silica CO.,Ltd., Dow, Shanghai Kaisai, China Academy of Forestry Research Institute of Chemical Industry, Jiangsu Qiangsen Bioenergy Achievement Transformation Project Activated Carbon, Calcium Carbonate Water treatment materials project; JM-W250AD-2/4 is applied to Zhonghai Ya Chemical to produce 3,000 tons of adsorption temperature control materials and Sinopec Beijing Yanshan Catalyst Factory. Catalyst chemical engineering project such as Kaiming Catalyst Co., Ltd.; JM-W180AC is used for synthetic grease preparation of Dongguan Drilling Grease, Sinopec Chongqing Branch, Yiping Lubricant and Natuo (Shanghai) Lubrication Technology; JM-WB300AB Multi-function Grinder, WB250AB-2 (sanitary pump type) series application Jiabun 10,000 tons bio-engineering ARA+DHA (fermentation) monomer factory; Haisheng fishmeal factory crushed fish and shrimp paste, Yatai tomato sauce and chili sauce and fertilizer large-scale production line; Huayu Carbon Black, Black Cat, Shuanglong, Liantong, Thai Silicon Siam, Jiqing and other modified white carbon black large-scale beating pumps are used for high-speed pulping modified grinding project with an annual output of 5 years of silica filter cake; JM -W200AB22 series high shear multi-function grinder pump is used for annual production of 20,000 tons of Jiaying, Xinwang, Bassv flame retardant materials engineering; JP-W200AC pipeline colloid mill, JP-W250A55 series pipe mill 10 large-scale grinding The pump has been successfully applied to engineering projects with an annual output of 80,000 tons of four new high carbon alcohol & silicone emulsion equipment group, defoamer equipment group, etc.; JP250AD-F split type grinding pump and large colloid mill JM-W250AB, W250AD-2 series titanium white Grinding machine is applied in Oriental Titanium, Pangang, Titanium, Dongjia Group, Da Inter-connected titanium industry, China Titanium Group, Huiyun Titanium, Starmao Titanium, Jinlong Titanium, Haifeng Xin Chemical, Jinpu Group Nanjing Titanium White Chemical Co., Ltd., with an annual output of 400,000-200,000 tons of refined titanium powder (titanium) Slag) Preparation of a modified titanium white (titanium dioxide) coating at the middle end. And related to Nanhai Ba Li Chemical, Shanghai Huirun Adhesive, Forbo Adhesive (Guangzhou), Jiangyin Beirui Biochemical Technology, Yongdeli Capsule, Qianjiang Capsule, Central Asia Capsule, Zhejiang Green Health Capsule, Kang Enbei Projects such as adhesives, chemical reagents and pharmaceutical preparations such as Group, Xianyi Pharmaceutical, Xinchang Pharmaceutical, Zhongchai New Energy Co., Ltd. and China Rubber Group Special Materials Research Institute. Iridium mechanical equipment has good sealing performance in pipeline connection, which makes the particle-containing high-efficiency and rapid dispersing and depolymerization, mistar and mistar, beating homogenization, grinding powder and conveying automatic integrated processing have a greater play, compared with similar products. Several times of energy saving and production efficiency, the benefits are remarkable. Compared with similar products, the production efficiency is several times, the production cost can be greatly reduced, and the particles are uniform, the color change is convenient, and the impurities are not abrasive. The main products cover waterproof materials, flame retardants, matting agents, foaming agents, defoamers, catalysts, graphene, nano-red, lubricating grease, chemicals, capsules, bio-chemicals, fine chemicals, water treatment, sewage treatment, Garbage treatment, silicone glass reinforced plastic, water glass, adhesive, oil-water emulsified, emulsified silicone oil, graphene, fertilizer, fish and shrimp paste, tomato sauce, salad dressing and other fluids, colloidal slurry and paste materials are dispersed and stirred at high speed. Mistar, depolymerization, homogenization, and grinding refinement. Part of the product used: American Dow Company, Shandong Ocean Chemical Research Institute Tianyi Company, SAR GROUP SRL, Zhejiang Pusen New Material Technology, Jiaying Flame Retardant Material, Basvao Flame Retardant Material, Shanghai Kaisai Biomaterial, Sea Asia Environmental Protection Materials, Hangzhou Kaiming Catalyst, Yongdeli Capsule, Qianjiang Capsule, Zhongya Capsule, Zhejiang Lujian Capsule, Kangenbei Group, Xianyu Pharmaceutical, Xinchang Pharmaceutical, PetroChina Chongqing Branch, Chongqing Yiping Lubrication, Sinopec Beijing Yanshan Catalyst Factory, Zhongchai New Energy Co., Ltd., Natuo Lubrication Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangyin Beirui Biochemical Technology, China Rubber Group Special Materials Research Institute, Jiangsu Sixin Applied Science and Technology Research Institute and other scientific research pilots and production equipment , praised and favored by the majority of users.



CN.HAOSTAR® adheres to the enterprise spirit of “pursuing new ideas, learning, and seeking peace”, and transforms the company into a learning organization to achieve the common growth of employees and the company. Faced with the challenges of a new round of economic and trade, the company has comprehensively promoted the strategic human resource management, shifting from labor-intensive industries to technology-intensive industries, from commodity management to goods and capital, from domestic markets to domestic and The international market has shifted its development strategy to achieve the grand blueprint of the comet CN.HAOSTAR® “five years of creating a domestic first-class, ten-year world brand”.

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