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Five-in-one colloid mill and pipeline colloid mill composed of intelligent low temperature control system
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In the past, in order to meet the needs of industrial development more quickly, China purchased and introduced a large number of foreign advanced new or second-hand imported equipment. However, since September 2008, the "subprime mortgage crisis" in the United States has evolved into a global "financial crisis". This financial crisis has become a major event in the past 10 years and has a profound impact on the global economy. To this day, the global economy is paying for the crisis. In recent years, the manufacturing industry has been shrinking, but production and processing costs have risen sharply. In particular, the prices of some imported equipment and spare parts have exceeded the range afforded by enterprises. The import of imported equipment and spare parts is complicated and has a long cycle. Equipment is imported during use. Many of the parts have been exhausted and aged, and imported equipment will inevitably cause leakage and leakage. The replacement cycle of imported spare parts will be intangible delayed or cut off. In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and reduce the cost of maintenance, the better way is to implement localization of imported equipment. Therefore, CN.HAOSTAR® company, taking advantage of its own scientific and technological innovation, has been designing and researching and developing domestically modified original imported equipment for the treatment of high-viscosity and difficult media such as Chinese medicine, chemicals, food, and biological engineering. replacement product.
In August 2018, Jiangsu Sixin Applied Science and Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. and Wenzhou Haoxing Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. signed an order for 10 large-scale defoamer high-efficiency grinding pumps for wet ultrafine particle grinding, pulverization, emulsification, mixing, dispersion, and homogenization. , Agitation and conveying, etc. New wet crushing patented new technology. The equipment consists of a five-in-one colloid mill and pipeline consisting of a thruster device, a mechanical seal, a thruster, a pump housing, a pump cover, a pipeline inlet, a pipeline outlet, a wing wheel, and a process that requires a bearing box and an intelligent low temperature control system. Colloid mill grinding pump. The number of teeth of different gear ring modules in multiple rows and columns is divided into coarse, thin, and finely divided gears into a bevel gear. The intricate and complicated arrangement of the special matrix can be adjusted in parallel. The precision and fineness of the five-in-one colloidal grinding wheel can be adjusted in parallel. The multi-stage five-in-one design composed of the output pressure and the head placed in the casing of the pump is directly subjected to high-shear synchronous grinding into a shear-crushing system for effective crushing and a special crushing device through two grinding-refining systems. , Quickly crush some large particles, sticky particles, lumps and other particles in the fluid, and then suck into the shearing and crushing area to finely crush. In a very narrow working aisle, the rotor blade and the stator blade are cut at a relatively high speed, resulting in strong friction. And grinding and crushing. Under the action of mechanical movement and centrifugal force, the crushed and refined materials are re-pressed into the fine grinding area for grinding and crushing. The fine grinding is divided into three to four stages. The more accurate the grinding stage is, the higher the precision is, and the smaller the tooth pitch is. The longer the linear velocity, the finer the material is ground and finer, and at the same time the fluid gradually curves in the radial direction. The direction velocity of the fluid changes instantaneously at each level, and it is subjected to high-speed shearing, intense friction, extrusion grinding, particle crushing, etc. of tens of millions of times per minute. After shearing, grinding, and pulverization, the liquid material molecular chain breaks, particles are pulverized, and liquid particles are torn to make the materials fully achieve the purpose of dispersing, pulverizing, emulsifying, homogenizing, and refining. It is used in the grinding process of the 350 million yuan key project of a subsidiary of the Sixin Research Institute of Yangzhou Sixin New Material Technology Co., Ltd. with an annual output of 80,000 tons of defoamer series products. According to the production technology and engineering of the two parties in early July 2018 The departments docked, signed a technical agreement, and invested the large-scale grinding pump equipment of Haoxing in the trial production process. The effect was significant, energy saving and environmental protection, and the intelligent system operated stably. Our company has won the trust of customers at home and abroad with new technologies, new standards, new thinking and new markets.
     The products cover many industries including textile, medicine, papermaking, coatings, petroleum, cleaning, food, chemical fertilizers, cement, building materials, biological engineering, nano materials, flame retardant materials, titanium white carbon black, graphene processing and other industries. And gradually create 2-3 star products in the industries covered to meet the different needs of user differentiation. Grinding pumps have been widely used in various industries as superior products that can increase productivity, optimize work efficiency, accurately control product quality, reduce environmental pollution, and control costs. In addition to high stability and good performance, the product has become a characteristic product that is different from the domestic and even the international market with short time and high efficiency. At present, the company's 10 series of more than 200 varieties not only sell well in the country but also in 19 countries overseas.
The company also uses this as a breakthrough in solving intractable diseases. Creative breakthrough technology to create new products. And on this basis, through customized services to improve the product.
        Wenzhou Haoxing Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. CN.HAOSTAR® is very grateful for the trust of the relevant departments of Sixin Company. We take this as an opportunity to stimulate innovation in production and scientific research and enhance intelligent manufacturing capabilities. , Mixing, pulverizing, homogenizing, emulsifying, grinding and other integrated multi-functional fluid equipment, superior performance, energy saving and intelligent, wide adaptability, and low consumption and high efficiency of the new generation of grinding machinery and equipment, to better serve the global fluid industry Manufacturing companies in various fields.
The staff of our company's technical department made full use of the advantages of independent innovation and invention of all aspects of science and technology. The pipeline type multifunctional grinding machine was awarded the project of science and technology development, the fine continuous grinding machine for titanium white obtained the scientific and technological achievements of Zhejiang Science and Technology Department, and the nano-scale grinding pump. The intelligent low-temperature colloid mill has filled the gaps at home and abroad. After our company developed the high-tech project machinery and equipment for fluid containing particles with ultra-micro or nano-scale shear dispersion and grinding, such as: new pipeline colloid mill, titanium white carbon black and more Functional grinders (high-speed colloid homogenizers), pump grinders, colloidal beating pumps, pipe mills, nano-scale grinding pumps, high-efficiency mixers, emulsifiers, graphene nano-dispersion grinders, white wine grain grinders and other new products.
Equipment colloid mill adopts special dynamic seal, rotating body member, special structure of pump body and other water flush cooling type mechanical seal device (invented technology), which is fully practical, and can dry without material during cooling cycle, and will not damage the dynamic sealing performance. And mechanical properties, low maintenance rate, low friction power consumption, high-speed dispersion, fast mixing, efficient homogenization and ultra-fine grinding fineness, continuous operation of dispersed mixing and homogenization for 24 hours, online import and export pipelines, automatic integration, high efficiency, etc. advantage. It is the new product that is currently the first choice to replace the localization of imported equipment. The grinding pump replaces imported grinding machines or sanders and other equipment. It has been successfully used in the preparation of titanium dispersion (titanium dioxide) for middle-end dispersion, grinding, and coating. The process of mixing, depolymerizing, dispersing, homogenizing, beating and conveying high-speed, white carbon black (silica) filter cake, and applying it to graphene, waterproof materials, flame retardants, matting agents, defoamers, Foaming agents, catalysts, nanomaterials, lubricating grease, silicone oil emulsification, suspensions, biochemicals, fine chemicals, water treatment, sewage treatment, waste treatment, silicone fiberglass, water glass, adhesives, oil-water emulsification, calcium, etc. Materials such as fluids, colloidal slurries, and pastes are dispersed, ground, depolymerized, homogenized, and refined at high speed.
It has played a greater role in the post-processing of the production process in various fields. Compared with similar products, it has several times the production efficiency, which can greatly reduce the production cost, and has uniform particles, easy cleaning and color change, and no abrasive impurities. performance. Products used by: Guizhou Dingxiene High-tech Co., Ltd. Graphene Factory, Ningbo Keyuan Co., Ltd., Dow Corporation, Taiwan Liandong Chemical Co., Ltd., Tonghua Shuanglong Chemical Co., Ltd., OSC Siam Silica CO., Ltd., Shandong Ocean Chemical Research Institute Tianyi Company, SAR GROUP SRL, Jiangxi Black Cat Carbon Black Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Pusen New Material Technology, Jiaying Flame Retardant Material, Bathvol Flame Retardant Material, Jinpu Titanium Industry, Dongjia Group, Datong Titanium Industry, Titanium Materials Technology, Huiyun Titanium Industry, Xingmao Titanium Industry, Jinlong Titanium Industry, Oriental Titanium Industry, Haifengxin Chemical Co., Ltd., Shanghai Kaisai Biomaterials Co., Ltd., Zhonghaiya Environmental Protection Materials, Hangzhou Kaiming Catalyst Co., Ltd. (formerly Hangzhou University Catalyst Co., Ltd.), Huayu Carbon Black, Yongdeli Suspension, Qianjiang Suspension, Central Asia Suspension, Zhejiang Lujian Suspension, Kang Enbei Group, Xianyang Pharmaceutical, Xinchang Pharmaceutical, PetroChina Chongqing Branch Company (former Chongqing Yiping Lubrication Co., Ltd.), Sinopec Beijing Yanshan Branch (Catalyst), Zhongchai New Energy Co., Ltd., Natuo Lubrication Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangyin Berison Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd. Corporate research department, specialty materials Institute of China Rubber Group, Chinese Academy of Forestry Forest Research Institute of Chemical Industry production and scientific research in test equipment, the majority of users praise and favor.
Five-in-one colloid mill and pipeline colloid mill composed of intelligent low temperature control system
The technical application of white carbon black dispersion grinding pulp pump and the wide application of white carbon black production technology and grinding equipment. White carbon black is a general term for white powdery X-ray amorphous silicic acid and silicate products, mainly referring to Modified silica, precipitated silica, fumed silica, ultra-fine silica gel and aerogel, as well as new materials such as powdered synthetic aluminum silicate and calcium silicate. Secondly, the colloid mill of the white carbon black grinding pump equipment uses special dynamic seals, rotating body members, and special structures of the pump body. Water-cooled, positive-pressure, positive-installation mechanical seals will not damage the dynamic seal resistance in the case of liquid self-cooling cycles. Pressure and long service life. And durable performance, good sealing performance and mechanical properties.

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