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2020 new colloid mill and low temperature colloid mill are ultrafine particle crushing fluid equipment
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The new colloid mill and low-temperature colloid mill are ultrafine particle crushing fluid equipment, which involves Haoxing CN.HAOSTAR® brand multi-functional colloid mill JPW series colloid mill pump (pipe colloid mill, pipeline colloid mill, abbreviation: pipe mill) Type: Split-type grinding pump, fine-type grinding pump, grinding-type grinding pump, grinding-type grinding pump, ultra-micron grinding pump, adjustable grinding pump, dispersing grinding pump, high-shear grinding pump, etc. Emulsification, mixing, dispersing, homogenizing, mixing and conveying, and other eight-in-one high-efficiency multi-functional machinery, a new wet crushing patented new technology.
The equipment consists of a five-in-one colloid mill and pipeline consisting of a thruster device, a mechanical seal, a thruster, a pump housing, a pump cover, a pipeline inlet, a pipeline outlet, a wing wheel, and a process that requires a bearing box and an intelligent low temperature control system. Colloid mill grinding pump. The number of teeth of different gear ring modules in multiple rows and columns is divided into coarse, thin, and finely divided gears into a bevel gear. The intricate and complicated arrangement of the special matrix can be adjusted in parallel. The precision and fineness of the five-in-one colloidal grinding wheel can be adjusted in parallel. The multi-stage five-in-one design composed of the output pressure and the head placed in the casing of the pump is directly subjected to high-shear synchronous grinding into a shear-crushing system for effective crushing and a special crushing device through two grinding-refining systems. , Quickly crush some large particles, sticky particles, lumps and other particles in the fluid, and then suck into the shearing and crushing area to finely crush. In a very narrow working aisle, the rotor blade and the stator blade are cut at a relatively high speed, resulting in strong friction. And grinding and crushing. Under the action of mechanical movement and centrifugal force, the crushed and refined materials are re-pressed into the fine grinding area for grinding and crushing. The fine grinding is divided into three to four stages. The more accurate the grinding stage is, the higher the precision is, and the smaller the tooth pitch is. The longer the linear velocity, the finer the material is ground and finer, and at the same time the fluid gradually curves in the radial direction. The direction velocity of the fluid changes instantaneously at each level, and it is subjected to high-speed shearing, intense friction, extrusion grinding, particle crushing, etc. of tens of millions of times per minute. After shearing, grinding, and pulverization, the liquid material molecular chain breaks, particles are pulverized, and liquid particles are ruptured.The materials fully achieve the effects of shearing, depolymerization, stirring, mixing, dispersing, emulsifying, homogenizing, crushing, grinding, and pumping Ten performances including conveying head, processing fluid containing particles, high-precision machinery and equipment, crushers, refiners, stone mills, sand mills, ball mills, tissue mashers, etc. that can replace roughness. Haoxing colloid mill mainly covers the food industry: aloe vera, coconut juice, pineapple pulp, emulsified pork skin, chicken bone paste, chili sauce, sesame, fruit tea, ice cream, moon cake filling, cake filling, cream, jam, fruit juice, Soy, soybean paste, bean paste, peanut milk, protein milk, soy milk, dairy products, malt extract, flavor, condiments, beer, vegetable protein, animal protein and various food and beverages; chemical industry: paint, pigment, dye, Coatings, lubricants, synthetic greases, greases, diesel, petroleum catalysts, emulsified asphalt, adhesives, defoamers, foaming agents, detergents, plastics, explosives, FRP, synthetic leather, leather, carbon black filter cake beating, waterproofing Materials, flame retardants, grease, silicone fiberglass, universal glue, water glass, adhesives, oil-water emulsion, calcium carbonate, etc .; daily chemicals: toothpaste, detergent, shampoo, shoe polish, cosmetics, bath essence, soap and balm Etc .; pharmaceutical industry-various types of syrups, nutrient solutions, proprietary Chinese medicines, paste preparations, biological products, cod liver oil, pollen, royal jelly, vaccines, various ointments, various oral solutions, Injections and static drops; construction industry: various coatings. Including interior and exterior wall coatings, anticorrosive and waterproof coatings, cold porcelain coatings, colorful coatings, ceramic glazes and spraying, etc .; its industries: plastic industry, textile industry, paper industry, coal flotation agent, rare earth, nano materials, titanium industry, water treatment, Sewage treatment, garbage treatment, white carbon black, military industry and other new material fields; In addition, Haoxing high-tech pipeline colloid mill, fully closed colloid mill, intelligent temperature-controlled low-temperature colloid mill complete set of equipment are particularly suitable for titanium industry, biochemical, flavor, Spices, medicines, pharmaceuticals, petroleum, chemicals, fine chemicals, biological agents, plant proteins, animal proteins, beer, food, universities, research laboratories, etc. It can widely adapt to various types of fluids, colloidal slurries, pastes and other materials to obtain high-speed dispersion, grinding, depolymerization, homogenization, refinement and other post-processing production processes. It has played a greater role in comparison with similar products in its production. The efficiency is several times, which can greatly reduce the production cost, and has the characteristics of uniform particles, convenient cleaning and color change, and no abrasive impurities. Products are well received and favored by customers.
 Colloid mill structure features:
    1. The work of this machine is based on the relative movement of a pair of conical rotating teeth and fixed teeth. The material is sheared, frictional, centrifugal and high-frequency vibration through the gap between the fixed rotating teeth to achieve crushing and emulsification. , Homogeneous, dispersed purpose.
    2. The contact parts of this machine are made of stainless steel 304, 316 and other high-quality materials, which have good corrosion resistance and no pollution to medicine, food and chemical raw materials. According to the user's industrial and mining conditions, the core teeth of Haoxing colloid mill can be made of various high-hardness and corrosion-resistant alloy steel and special hard stainless steel. The hardness can reach about HRC60, which can crush harder solid-liquid materials.
    3. The split type is divided into a split type rubber mill and a split type grinding pump (also known as a split type pipeline type colloid mill with pump delivery head performance). The motor and the grinding seat are divided into two types: vertical and horizontal. It has the characteristics of good stability, convenient operation and long service life of the motor, and will not cause the phenomenon of material leakage and burnout of the motor. Adopt single cooling type, labyrinth type and double cooling type mechanical seal. It is the first unique product in China, which has the characteristics of no wear, corrosion resistance, less failure, and quietness. The vertical type is driven by a pulley, changing the transmission ratio, and increasing the speed. The vertical and horizontal bearing box connection method and direct connection method. These two types of machinery have high precision, small size, and do not cause high temperature and wear due to friction between the belt and the pulley. There are major failures such as crashes, and the latter's direct connection method is slightly better. It is well received by international users! It can also make the material crushing more fine.
    4. The vertical colloid mill is driven by a special long shaft motor to drive the rotating teeth directly, which has a compact structure, light weight and small footprint.
    5.Haoxing Lab Colloid Mill JM-L20-2, JM-L50A, JM-L50B, JM-L50C, JM-LB20-2, JM-LB50A, JM-LB50B, JM-LB50C, JM-L60, JM- LB60, JM-L65, JM-LB65, JM-L80, JM-LB80 and other small vertical mills solve the problem that domestic small mills cannot work continuously for a long time due to insufficient power and poor sealing performance. The overall structure is compact and the size is small. Small, light weight, reliable sealing structure, can work continuously for a long time. The on-demand power supply voltage of the motor is selected from 220V and 380V, which is especially suitable for enterprises, institutions, hospitals, universities and research laboratories.
    6. Various types of colloid mill can be used without foundation, convenient installation, easy operation, stable work, small vibration, low noise and so on.

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