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The dispersing and crushing colloid pump series adopt advanced high-precision direct-coupled and split-type grinding pump applications
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The dispersing and crushing colloid pump series adopt advanced high-precision direct-coupled and split-type grinding pump applications.

Haoxing Machinery Intelligent Manufacturing JP/JM-WF colloid mill and dispersing and crushing colloid pump series machine (pump) series are mainly advanced high-precision direct-connected and split-type grinding pumps, and the tolerance value is controlled at 0-3&micro;m by The horizontal motor drives the movable grinding disc of the grinding disc and the matching static grinding disc through a split transmission device and a coupling to perform relative high-speed rotation and complex forces for wet grinding and grinding. Equipment advantages: synchronous operation, pipeline connection, reasonable design, small size, good stability, high quality, automatic integration of intelligent advanced quality and efficiency. As we all know, in the past, in order to meet the needs of industrial development faster, my country purchased and imported a large number of advanced foreign new or second-hand imported equipment. However, since September 2008, the US "subprime mortgage crisis" has actually evolved into a global "crisis". This crisis has become a major event in the past 10 years and has a profound impact on the global economy. To this day, the global economy is paying for this crisis. The manufacturing industry has been shrinking in recent years, and the cost of production and processing has risen sharply. In particular, the price of some imported equipment and spare parts is beyond the scope of the enterprise. The introduction of imported equipment and spare parts is complicated and has a long cycle. Importing equipment in use Many parts of the company have been exhausted and aging. Imported equipment will inevitably cause dripping and leaking failures. The replacement cycle of imported spare parts is invisible or the supply is cut off. In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and reduce the cost of maintenance, a good way is to realize the localization of imported equipment. The product colloid mill and dispersing machine (pump) series successfully developed by our company adopts special positive pressure machine seal, rotating body components, pump body, special structure water flush cooling type mechanical seal device and other improvements and innovations to make the product more Practical and convenient, stable mechanical performance in long-term operation, low maintenance rate, low friction power consumption, high-speed dispersion, rapid mixing, high-efficiency homogenization and grinding performance advantages, 24-hour continuous operation, import and export adopt pipeline online, automatic integration , Can achieve high efficiency and other quality advantages. Unlike other so-called ika and ikn imported pipeline colloid mills in the conventional market, they are actually very common colloid mills. Just remove the funnel (feeding hopper) from the equipment of the traditional vertical split colloid mill. Experts know that equipment belts and main cluster wheel drives are improperly used and maintained or used for a long time, so that the belts and belts will slip and break due to long-term wear and tear, which will cause the belt to slip and break, reducing performance and efficiency. In addition, if the belt pulley and the belt cluster are prone to failures and the motor still runs ineffectively and other defects cannot be observed, the advantages of the imported colloid mills are generally obvious compared with the traditional belt-driven colloid mills. Therefore, the Haoxing Zhizhi colloid mill and dispersing machine (pump) series directly adopts synchronous operation, such as direct motor connection, split bearing box connection, and vertical belt pulley to drive the cluster pulley. The gap can be adjusted. The material to be processed is pressurized by its own weight or external pressure (produced by the pump) to generate a downward spiral impact force. It is ground through the colloid, and the gap between the rotating teeth is subjected to strong shearing force, The physical effects such as friction and high-frequency vibration enable the material to be effectively emulsified, dispersed and crushed to achieve the efficiency of ultra-fine crushing and dispersion, emulsification and grinding of the material.

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