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Diamond grinding machine wear-resisting head - action mill

Grinding mill magic - magic hardness HRC57-62 movement disc - grinding carbide steel - corrosion resistant special stainless steel - movement lap - lap Carbide movement - alloy grinding head - Stator - Rotor - Carbide steel disc - magic disc - alloy disc - alloy disc movement, grinding pumps, grinding, hard grinding, hard hardness HL785-790 grinding, colloid mill accessories - Colloid Mill (grinding pump) are mainly stainless steel, semi- stainless steel and titanium dioxide colloid mill (silica Mill), Titanium grinding machine (mill pipeline pump) using ultra-alloy steel (I am using special patented technology developed) a colloid composition, and material contact parts are all using 304, 316 stainless steel, alloy steel, tool steel and other composite material. From the shape can be divided into two kinds of vertical colloid mill and split the colloid mill. Cover the amount of processing from the laboratory level to full-scale production line applications.

      Multifunction colloid mill, grinding pump, grinder unique design, superb processing technology, with independent property rights more than 20 Chinese patents colloid mill, a colloid Hao Star CN.HAOSTAR brand titanium dioxide (white carbon Mill), Titanium grinding Machine (line grinding pump) by the relative movement of the two toothed surface grinding of a tooth surface speed rotation, a stationary one, fluid or semi-fluid material is greatly shear and friction forces and high pass the role of frequency vibration, and other complex multi-dimensional vortex force is effectively dispersed, floating, broken down, homogenized, resulting in line with demand.

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